YouCanSing Support


Name: YouCanSing Support
Organisation: SameDifference
Location: 11 Quarry Cottages, Stoford, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 9UR, BA22 9UR
Type: Part Time


Taking part in open music group meeting twice a month in Yeovil.
Help is needed from about 1345h, 15 min before the session starts,
-- setting up the hall space (chairs, welcome notices);
-- registering people as they arrive, 1400h onwards;
-- preparing and serving cups of tea etc & clearing up, about 1445-1515h; -- and throughout the session, supporting people with individual needs, e.g. holding door for person using wheelchair.
The most important part is joining in the music as the leader invites, while keeping an eye open for any help needed.

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Organisation Description



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Cause / Interests

  • Older people
  • Mental Health
  • Disability
  • Social Care
  • Music

Types of Activity

  • Escorting

Skills and Qualifications


At the moment no expenses are offered. The group is funded by low-cost donations from people who attend, and supported by The Foyer and The Co-op who provide premises and tea/biscuits/etc, respectively. This is a new group, and has grown from 4 to about 9. If numbers increase more, some travel expenses may be possible.
It's not necessary for volunteers to be fully mobile themselves; volunteers who have a learning or other disability are very welcome.
We would be grateful for a minimum of two volunteers but would love more (to cover occasional absences). It's not essential for volunteers to attend every session but turning up regularly will deepen their perception and support a trusting relationship with the group. It's hoped that YouCanSing will continue for all of 2017 and beyond, though the current schedule goes only to 22 Nov 2016.
Will require a criminal record check (DBS)
Talking to others


What is NOT needed is any formal musical training -- the group is designed wholly to encourage people who don't see themselves as musicians to have a go at singing and playing. Volunteers with musical skills are welcome but they must let go of any preconceptions of pitch, rhythm etc. Volunteers who have been told (usually erroneously) that they can't sing are particularly welcome!
We need smiling faces who will join in enthusiastically. They should be good at spotting ways to help people without fuss, e.g. holding a song sheet for someone with limited mobility.
May particularly suit volunteers interested in health care or arts in health, such as someone hoping to do a NVQ care or performing arts qualification. The leader is trained and experienced in supporting people with disabilities, so volunteers will observe many strategies such as Inclusive Communication, and will perceive some of the benefits that people with disabilities can get from active music.
If a volunteer would like to lead any of the music, or play their own instrument, they are welcome, but they should discuss it with the leader, and expect to take part a few times before "performing".
Talking to others

Additional/Specific Suitabilities

Minimum Age: NA
Maximum Age: NA
Disabled Access: No
Wheelchair Access: No
Expenses: NA
Restrictions: Age/Gender Restrictions: None
Induction: NA
Insurance Cover: NA
Special Needs: NA
Offer: NA
Training: NA
Other: NA

Recruitment Method