Trustee/Director of Administration

Purple Field Productions

Name: Trustee/Director of Administration
Organisation: Purple Field Productions
Location: 10 Hill View Terrace, Ilminster, Somerset, TA19 9AL


This post presents a worthwhile and exciting opportunity to direct an innovative organisation through a period of change and development. In addition to holding specific responsibility for administration, the Director of Administration will be a member of the Board of Trustees.The DOA will be responsible for the efficient and effective running of the UK office in Ilminster, including supervision of one part-time employee. They will also have a particular responsibility to support the role of Chair.

Main duties/responsibilities:
· Efficient and effective running of the Ilminster office, including office lease, keyholder, furnishings and equipment, IT and supplies, managing core budget
· Recruitment and line management of UK paid staff (currently one 9 hour administrator post – job description available)
· Supporting the Chair in ensuring the effective operation of the Charity
· Acting as a second signatory for banking (including online payments)
· Managing petty cash (occasional)
· Office and overseas insurance (annual)
· Maintenance and development of policies and procedures (except financial)
· Ensuring compliance with GDPR
· Taking minutes at meetings, including Trustee Board meetings

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Organisation Description

Purple Field Productions (PFP) is a UK registered charity working together with people in Africa and Asia in order to make and distribute educational films in local languages. We produce everything from short documentaries to full-length features, and our work can cover a wide range of subjects including health, welfare, community development, agriculture and the environment. Our purpose is not only to provide information and increase understanding and awareness on crucial issues, but also to give people a voice – both through our own productions and by providing training in filmmaking techniques to marginalised and under-privileged groups. For full details of our projects and method of working, please go to -


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Cause / Interests

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health & Hospices
  • Poverty

Types of Activity

  • Administration
  • Trusteeship and Committee Work

Skills and Qualifications


We are looking for a strategic minded individual who values the volunteer experience and is really concerned to address poverty and lack of information in the developing world.


This post presents a worthwhile and exciting opportunity to direct an innovative organisation through a period of change and development.

Additional/Specific Suitabilities

Minimum Age: NA
Maximum Age: NA
Disabled Access: No
Wheelchair Access: No
Expenses: NA
Restrictions: NA
Induction: NA
Insurance Cover: NA
Special Needs: NA
Offer: NA
Training: NA
Other: NA

Recruitment Method